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Plasma Screens and AV Equipment

Electro-tech specializes in the hire and installation of high definition 42”-103”Plasma screens and Seamless MPDP display walls.We also have a large range of fiber cabling and control equipment to compliment these high definition screens.

ETS is now proud to be the only NZ provider of Professional Panasonic 103" Plasma screens event and corporate market. These native 1920x1080 displays can be supplied with input cards to suit your requirements- HDMI/ VGA/ HDSDI etc.

Multi Seamless MPDP Displays

Seamless Plasma Displays are finally a reality! A multi-sized, multi-purpose reality.
Electro-tech services. a known pioneer in the event industry, is currently the first NZ provider of the brand new Seamless Plasma Display. These new Seamless Plasma Displays combine the sleek, modern design and functionality of a thin plasma screen with the abilities of past video walls. The tech world's latest in PDP seamless technology, there is only a 3mm seam between each panel. The lightweight displays can be flown, wall-mounted or floor-mounted in any assortment of formations and sizes, for grand scale presentations to intimate tradeshow booths.

The new Seamless Plasma Displays virtually eliminate past hassles with projection distance or dark spaces. Considerably more versatile (and thinner) than LED screens, these plasma displays boast the highest resolution available, allowing for unlimited image sources. They have the widest viewing angle created and offer a bright, clear picture. Multiple inputs in the displays include VGA, SD/HD Component, and DVI. Making these plasma displays also perfect for theatre presentations, software demos, DVD or HDTV playback.

We can also provide specialised AV equipment to drive the plasma displays to their full stunning potential. We utilize the latest in high resolution digital video over fibre-optic cable solutions to provide a vibrant, loss-free picture over long cable runs.

Check out our New Seamless Plasma Displays for your next event.

All out Equipment is inspected and tested after each event by qualified technicians so you can be assured that everything is safe.